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Serverfiles 40K + Source + Cliente "like Official" Pt Version


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Boas pessoal,


Eu não testei estas Files... Supostamente estão a vender por X Euros mas fica aqui de graça.



Aqui está o link no MEGA atualizado: https://mega.nz/#F!q1YAQQjB!yvtCkpHqd8c0WsJtfxZGMA


Upload por mim, se deixar de funcionar avisem...






espero ter ajudado !


fonte: www.freakgamers.org



Source ( Unbugged full, only 3 warning in all source , and stable 100%, no crash or other error )

Game ( Offline shop with won system added , Won System , Bind system, Costume absorbtion created from my friend like official dosen't exist on internet, Pet system like official with skills, sash with scale, costume weapons, costume mount, okey card system, more dungeons like official and other )

Client ( Client is standard with all system 's added like official, 4 inventory, new weapons and armors, new accesories, day / night and more system 's )





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As tierri said the mysql folder is infected.


Anyways, the serverfiles run smoothly. They have some nice systems(A lot more than the ones in pictures), which has a high chance of having bugs, if the creator used public releases.


I would recommend them to people who know how to deal with bugs(C++/Python), those serverfiles are perfect for them :)


Regards, Sonitex

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