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  2. Já se passaram quase 2 anos desde que o Shiva entrou online como o maior e melhor P-server oldschool do Metin2. Alguns jogadores estão conosco desde a fase beta e ainda estão jogando ativamente no Shiva. Gostaríamos de expressar nossa sincera gratidão por isso! Por que você deve começar a jogar no Shiva agora? * Equipe ativa há mais de um ano * Eventos regulares * Sem Pay2win * Base de jogadores extremamente grande * Investimento contínuo em publicidade e marketing * Sem bots https://shiva.international/r/Registration
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  4. Good day, I offer my entire project called Fey for sale. Fey is a completely finished and ready-to-run oldschool server, which was online in live operation until a few days ago. Due to time constraints it was closed recently. The server is international and available in 5 different languages. English, German, Romanian, Turkish and Polish. What is included in the sale? - Serverfiles. - Source. - Client. - Tools. - Homepage. - Patcher. - Pre-configured firewalls. - All associated designs. - 100% support. As already mentioned, this is a complete project which will be delivered in one piece. The server files have already been online several times by me in live operation, which is why I can guarantee that they are not only secure, but also bug-free/clean and stable. Furthermore, there are several security measures in this project, which I will gladly go into in more detail privately. In addition I can offer to implement more systems and co to the buyer on request, or offer other development guarantees. These will of course be negotiated separately after the main sale. I don't want to see 5 different servers with my files, or 5 different servers with the same designs, and I don't want them to be made public. Therefore the sale is limited once. The whole project will only be sold once. As soon as the project has found a new owner, the sale will end! Here are some insights from the server presentation: (Click here to view the server presentation) If you are interested you can contact me in Discord. I can only be reached there. Discord: nives_fey
  5. I am offering the whole Fey project for sale. This includes the server (files, source, client & co), the patcher, the homepage, required tools, and all necessary designs as well as the server presentation and co. Also included are a number of security measures such as pre-configured firewalls, which are easy to install. Support for the entire project is of course also included. If you are interested you can contact me privately in Discord under the account: nives_fey The project is only sold once, and not more often. As soon as it has found a new owner, the sale will end. Best regards.
  6. Ezio3299


    **Join Our Team for an Exciting Metin2 Private Server Project!** We are launching a large and professional Metin2 private server, focusing on a PvM middle school experience, and we are looking for dedicated individuals to join our staff. This is an international server with a vibrant community, and we need team members for the following roles: - Helper - Game Master (GM) - Advertise Specialist - Community Manager If you are passionate about Metin2 and want to be part of an ambitious project, we would love to hear from you. Apply now and help us build something amazing! Discord:ezio3299
  7. Good morning community I have a problem with my pet in these files Can anybody help me? when I rotate the type of pet It keeps changing alone Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 Type 7 he changes alone. Sorry about my English
  8. AddictMt2_r40267_client não está a funcionar
  9. 26.04.2024 às 18:00 CEST abriremos as portas para a versão beta aberta. 🏟️ Esperamos encontrar-nos convosco lá. 😎
  10. Website Discord Atheria Official Trailer video Atheria Official Song
  11. 连接失效了,可以重新上传一下连接吗?谢谢你
  12. Nuestro Discord es: https://discord.gg/dYE4Ut7VUA Our Discord is: https://discord.gg/dYE4Ut7VUA
  13. Buscamos jugadores para testear un servidor privado de metin2. ¿Qué implica ser Tester para nuestro servidor de Metin2? Como Tester, tendrás la oportunidad de ser uno de los primeros en experimentar nuevas características, contenido y actualizaciones antes de que se implementen para toda la comunidad. Tus responsabilidades incluirán: Pruebas exhaustivas: Probarás nuevas características y contenido para identificar posibles problemas técnicos, errores o desequilibrios en el juego. Retroalimentación detallada: Proporcionarás comentarios detallados y constructivos sobre tu experiencia de juego, incluidas sugerencias para mejorar la jugabilidad y la calidad general del servidor. Colaboración activa: Trabajarás en estrecha colaboración con nuestro equipo de desarrollo para informar y resolver cualquier problema que surja durante las pruebas. ¿Qué buscamos en nuestros Testers? Buscamos jugadores apasionados y comprometidos con un profundo amor por Metin2 y una comprensión sólida de su mecánica y dinámica de juego. Idealmente, nuestros Testers deberían tener: Experiencia previa en Metin2 y un buen conocimiento de su jugabilidad. Habilidad para identificar y describir claramente problemas técnicos y de juego. Capacidad para trabajar en equipo y comunicarse de manera efectiva. Disponibilidad para participar activamente en pruebas durante períodos designados. ¿Por qué unirte a nuestro equipo? Influencia en el desarrollo: Tu voz importa. Tendrás la oportunidad de influir directamente en la dirección y calidad del servidor. Acceso exclusivo: Serás uno de los primeros en experimentar nuevas características y contenido antes de que se lancen públicamente. Comunidad unida: Formarás parte de una comunidad apasionada de jugadores y desarrolladores dedicados a hacer de nuestro servidor el mejor posible. Si estás interesado/a en esta emocionante oportunidad para formar parte de nuestro equipo como Tester, te invitamos cordialmente a ponerte en contacto a través de este correo electrónico: [email protected] Estamos ansiosos por conocer más sobre ti y por trabajar juntos para llevar nuestro servidor de Metin2 a nuevas alturas. ¡Gracias por considerar unirte a nosotros en esta emocionante aventura! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are looking for players to test a private metin2 server. What does it mean to be a Tester for our Metin2 server? As a Tester, you will have the opportunity to be one of the first to experience new features, content, and updates before they are rolled out to the entire community. Your responsibilities will include: Extensive testing: You will test new features and content to identify potential technical issues, bugs, or game imbalances. Detailed Feedback: You will provide detailed and constructive feedback on your gaming experience, including suggestions to improve gameplay and overall server quality. Active collaboration: You will work closely with our development team to report and resolve any issues that arise during testing. What do we look for in our Testers? We are looking for passionate and committed players with a deep love for Metin2 and a solid understanding of its gameplay mechanics and dynamics. Ideally, our Testers should have: Previous experience in Metin2 and a good knowledge of its gameplay. Ability to clearly identify and describe technical and gameplay problems. Ability to work as a team and communicate effectively. Availability to actively participate in testing during designated periods. Why join our team? Influence on development: Your voice matters. You will have the opportunity to directly influence the direction and quality of the server. Exclusive access: You'll be one of the first to experience new features and content before they are publicly released. Close-knit community: You'll be part of a passionate community of players and developers dedicated to making our server the best it can be. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity to be part of our team as a Tester, we cordially invite you to get in touch through this email: [email protected] We look forward to learning more about you and working together to take our Metin2 server to new heights. Thank you for considering joining us on this exciting adventure!
  14. Fey.global - Server start on 22.03.2024 Website: https://www.fey.global/ Register: https://www.fey.global/users/register Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mg4gBfy6Mr Presentation: https://www.fey.global/presentation/presentation.jpg Special invite event & Giveaway! There is an invite event on our Discord server, through which each and every one of you has the opportunity to receive an unlimited amount of coins and an useful itemshop chest. In addition to each of you being able to win, there are big separate prizes for the 1st to 10th place! There is also a giveaway running until the server launch where you can win more great prizes! Special invite event & Giveaway! There is an invite event on our Discord server, through which each and every one of you has the opportunity to receive an unlimited amount of coins and an useful itemshop chest. In addition to each of you being able to win, there are big separate prizes for the 1st to 10th place! There is also a giveaway running until the server launch where you can win more great prizes! Website | Discord
  15. Boa tarde @tierrilopes, estou com uma dúvida... Nessa parte do Tutorial pedeo seguinte: Ir até ao ficheiro config.cpp Procurar por: int VIEW_BONUS_RANGE = 500; Adicionar o seguinte por baixo: int minDanoHabilidade = -30; int maxDanoHabilidade = 30; int minDanoMedio = -30; int maxDanoMedio = 30; A minha dúvida é a seguinte, se está configurando todos os dn e ds igaul a 30, sendo essa parte da source, como podemos colocar nos configs, por exemplo 50 para dn e ds, sendo que pelo que eu entendi, está configurado os valorres mínimo para - 32767 e máximo para + 32767, minha pergunta seria a seguinte, aonde está - 30 e + 30 na source não deveria ser os valores que citei de - 32767 e + 32767, e aí sim nos configs colocarmos como desejarmos, respeitando esses valores? Peço desculpas se estiver falando bobagem, mais dúvida existem para serem tiradas né, rsrsrrsrs
  16. Ok I recovered it. Will compress and upload in the next few hours.
  17. I've been looking around but seems I did lost the client part.
  18. Patch 3.8.7 Maintenance 21.01.2023 Game version is now 3.8.7 What's next We have listened to your wishes and will soon add permanent version of items available in Item-Shop Auto Pick-Up, Premium Pass, Atlas Ring, etc. We know that most of you would like an item with which you can change your sword into a spear or dagger, will be possible at a future maintenance. News Added NEW Beginner Event. New players have the opportunity to progress and advance at the same level and equipment as other players. If you complete missions and read the information provided by each mission, you will be able to obtain the Master Hunter accessories in the shortest possible time. Added Comeback Event. Everyone who did not connect in the last 10 days will reveive a Comeback Chest during the period the event is active. Some speed features will remain until the end of the month. Improved Game Options: Rearranged the options because they were badly organised. Improved the Graphic options. Added the Weather(Rain, Light Rain, Storm) option. Added the option to activate blood on the ground when somebody attacks your or when you attack somebody. Added the option to change your sky. Added an option to Show/Hide Quests letters. Preview Fixes & Changes Ares in single version now was adjusted to be defeated with minimum 450.000 damage. Alastor in single version now was adjusted to be defeated with minimum 450.000 damage. Fixed the description of Blacksmith Manual+ in PT. Updated the description of Piece of Pass Ticket. Updated the description of Pets and Mounts from the Stable Boy. Updated the bonuses of the Newcomer weapon skins and hairstyle. Updated the wiki pvp guide. Fixed the final announcement error message when finishing dungeons. Change the reborn tooltip into "Reset LVL" at the reset level button in the C window. Replace at Free Battlepass Reward, Azrael Pass, Twisted Key, Nemere/Razador Pass with Dungeon Pass Chest. Remove Solar Energy from Daily Chest(Hard). Also, we apply all changes from Fame server, all details can be found here: ⁠📑│patch-notes Fixed an issue at the Search Shop in Romanian at the Weapon/Costume Boosters. Fixed that you couldn't delete characters on Rise. Staff members can now use premium auto messages without Premium item. Captcha Check won't appear anymore in Worldboss map. The quests letters are now displayed on the main screen. Now you can put a new Skin Booster over the existing one on your skins. Fixed Path of Heroes mission so it can be taken again after using Reborn. Changed the final dungeon Bosses for Alastor & Shadow when you enter the dungeon single. There will be much easier bosses. Added 5th & 6th channels for Rise. Cleared Offlineshop Bought History logs. Reset Achievements. ------------------------------------------ The Fame server has been merged with the Rise server, at the moment the game is stable and we invite you to Rodnia for the best graphics improvement in the game.
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