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  1. Sonitexx

    Dump&Reverse Proto - Servers oficiais

    As far as I know, Kyanite Armours have them.
  2. Sonitexx

    [Contest] Win a VPS | 4

    Let's give it a try! ;)
  3. Sonitexx

    [C++/python]Release Details_UI

    Here is another function that was not in the tutorial: Search in uiToolTip.py def AppendDescription(self, desc, limit, color = FONT_COLOR): if localeInfo.IsEUROPE(): self.__AppendDescription_WesternLanguage(desc, color) else: self.__AppendDescription_EasternLanguage(desc, limit, color) Paste below: def SetThinBoardSize(self, width, height = 12) : self.toolTipWidth = width self.toolTipHeight = height Thanks for the tutorial!
  4. Sonitexx

    Metin2 WarRage - The Eternal Fight

    Multilanguage system will cover as many languages as possible, but the catch is in translating as we are lacking people to do that.
  5. Sonitexx

    Metin2 WarRage - The Eternal Fight

    Glad to hear that!
  6. Hello! Before we go on with the presentation, we would like to announce the start of the server on January 12th, 2018 at 18:00 (UTC+0) We highly encourage you to bring along your friends: we're sure you're going to have a great time! If we don't have you convinced yet, please go on and read the presentation below: Website: https://warrage2.com/ Forum: https://forum.warrage2.com/ Facebook: https://fb.me/warrage2
  7. Sonitexx

    Yongan 2.0

    This was just a showcase so you can not download it.
  8. Sonitexx

    Heroes Of Arthion Seeking Developers!

    Greetings community! We are still up and running our project but we definitely need more people to make our wishes become reality. We are all set up with BugTracker to help us investigate our problems, a forum where we discuss our new ideas and how could we improve Metin2 in general. As of now "team" is very small and we don't have knowledge in certain areas so this is why I am looking for 3 different kind of developers who are most needed at this time. Technician: Your job is to design the game. You will be the one in charge when it comes to coding, of course you will be cooperating with the other technician who is already in the team. Designing the systems, balancing the game and overall server-side problems will be yours. Knowledge required: C++/Python 3D Designer: There is not much to say, the name itself tells what will you be doing. When it comes to bringing quality new models to the game you will be the chief. To avoid misunderstanding you will be creating character weapons, armors, monsters and NPCs and not map objects! Knowledge required: 3D and Animations Effect Designer: Ingame effects will be yours. Here I am a little bit picky since I do not want few colorful dots popping around in light colors which makes it look cool, but quality animations. Redesigns all of the skill effects is a lot of work but there will be much more than that, so we definitely don't want any half-made work. Knowledge required: Effects creation & animation. If you are acknowledged in other areas as well, that is just a plus which will save us the time and let us achieve our goals faster. Please send me a message if you are serious (A lot of people have messaged me about joining but even themselves don't know why they wanna join) about it and would like to join us! In the next weeks we will show our first two iconic maps, main hometowns of the Kingdoms (More than the last time ) and maybe reveal some of our big plans for the future of Metin2! Kind Regards, Sonitex
  9. Sonitexx

    Heroes Of Arthion Seeking Developers!

    If anyone is willing to give it a try, please send me a message with a description of you(look at 1st post). Some more news regarding the project will be posted in the next weeks with first photos of our new game environment!
  10. Hello everyone! I am working on a project called 'Heroes of Arthion'. For the past month I have been collecting ideas for every part of the game such as quests, systems, maps, dungeons, etc. That being said, it is unpossible to do it by my self and that is why I am seeking people who would like to give it a try, maybe see their own wishes in action. -What exactly is Heroes of Arthion? International server with it's own written storyline which is connected to quests, maps and other features that will be present ingame. The idea is to make the gameplay hard but unique. I think that is the part where most of the server admins have failed. Main changes will be in PvM where I would like to give Assassins&Mages some more meaning. -Will there be any payments? In the early stage of building there won't be any payments. Later on, when we release the project, some of the income will be spent on server costs and other remainders will be divided to team members(equally!). The numbers might change depending on how much people will be part of the team. -For who exactly am I looking for? -Basically I would need a developer in every field of metin2 developing and someone who is able to create small trailers, where we would show our work to our future fans(Hopefully there will be some ). -How do we work? Every each of you will be given a basic package of serverfiles,client and source(optional). Till you gain my trust, that will be your 'working station'. Some of you may think that it is stupid, but I will not let any exceptions ruin the project. This is the safest and common way to do it. Of course, you will be given the main client to connect to the live server as well! -How much do you have to work? This is not our primary job so I do not expect you to work 8 hours per day, 7 days per week. We have our own lives where we have to pay our bills. That is why few hours per 3-4 days will satisfy my expectations. -Rules&Requirments Speaking fluent English for easier communication between the team members. As said below, any negative feedback about you might change my mind. Ready to join a new family! If you think you would like to be part of this journey, please send me a message with description of you. I would like to know some basic informations like where are you from, your name, age and most important - how could you benefit this project. Please have in mind, if I have ever seen negative comments about you, there is a high chance I will not accept you. That is the only restriction I have made! That is all from me. If you have any more questions regarding the project, you can send me a message, either on forum or add me on my Skype or comment the thread down below. Kind Regards, Sonitex
  11. Sonitexx

    [Maps]Paid Service

    Added Yongan Desert 2.0
  12. Sonitexx

    Xmas Gift - Guatama&thunder (New Version)

    Done. I was having some internet connection issues that is why they were not there.
  13. Hello everyone This is the Xmas Gift from me which includes Thunder & Guatama maps in another version. They are from old project so I thought I could share them with you. Guatama Cliff: Mt Thunder: Download World Editor Pictures: http://share.pho.to/AZOLR Kind Regards, Sonitex

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