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Core Crash


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Hi guys as usual I am here with some probblem and want to get help from experts.


My server is crashing at random interval


Problem 1:

#0 0x0818e803 in quest::CQuestManager::CancelServerTimers (this=0x0)

at __tree:68

arg = Cannot access memory at address 0x0


Problem 2:

#0 CInputMain::SafeboxCheckin (this=<value optimized out>, ch=0x3ef2f000,

c_pData=<value optimized out>) at item.h:96

szHint = "x#▒(T▒▒▒▒\225▒(\000\000\000\000▒▒\213)\000\000\000\000▒Ͷ(\214▒\213)\224▒\213)\000\000\000\000▒\020\000?\001\a\000\000h\226(\b▒\004@)▒j▒(u\017!\b,▒9\003\230▒▒(`h▒(\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000▒\000@)\t\000\000\000▒\000\000\000\230▒▒(Ч▒▒^ʶ(▒▒\213)\t\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000▒\213)\000\000@)"

pkSafebox = <value optimized out>

pkItem = 0x0



The first one seems to appear at frequent interval and causing the core crash.

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