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Split Inventory - Full fix


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3 minutes ago, wery said:

this system is other version from special storage ( named K inventory ) but i tink that why have official inventory don't work refine stone, i have 2 bugs in this system ( refine stone and edit offshop great itens in k inventory can't add ) but i'ts in my case

hmm refine stone i have same problem but i couldn't find it. What is the problem great shop  ?

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Agora, wery disse:

you can make a shop with itens from K inventory, but in option edit shop you can't add itens from K inventory

O melhor é pagar ao proprio gajo que fez esse sistema e pronto todos os problemas resolvidos haha As publicas vem sempre cheios de bugs, aqueles engraçadinhos que compram e metem-se a mexer naquilo pronto, depois os exploids e tudo. 

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