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Implement vrunner


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This was made to answer a question.

In this tutorial the serverfiles location used was /usr/home/

This uses full paths, you could and should edit it yourself into relative paths.

Some notes:

Correct start script order:

  1. start db
  2. start channels
  3. start auth

Correct stop script order:

  1. stop auth (prevent login atempts to closing server)
  2. stop channels
  3. stop db


Place the file vrunner at this location:


So that the full path is the following:



Place 1_setup.sh at


Give it 777 permissions and run it. It will create symlinks and according vrunner.sh and stop_vrunner.sh

Place 2_start_vrunner.sh at



To start server use the 2_start_vrunner.sh.

To stop server i didnt made it because im going to sleep atm, but just duplicate the 2_start_vrunner.sh script

and instead of invoking vrunner.sh call stop_vrunner.sh

and change the order, like described above.








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