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  1. hello the files do not work. I implanted them on my dedicated server. I added the missing libs, I run the server with ch1.sh we see the database is launched and for red writing games start server ... and impossible to connect in channel 1 there has no syserr. I modify the IP in intrologin, intrologin1, plech_login, serverinfo I put the same ip address and put the same port on all the files
  2. excuse me but the key is not functional for unpack the file ETC and impossible to compile the quests
  3. yes I used eternexus and it does not work. Someone will have an unpack already set
  4. I unpacked the client but when I take the design of the map1, zone, textures and property sa does not work on the new client
  5. sorry it was a translation error, the error is human, I'm on a Turkish forum too and I was wrong in the translation. So I said that I would like to extract the design of the map1 for the implanted on my client but can not extract all the files. So I wanted to know if someone had extracted the design map from the client and if so if I could have the links
  6. beni ilgilendiren haritaların tasarımı ama tasarımı özümleyemiyorum
  7. the client or queues are bugged. When you create a character it works only for the warrior man for the rest it does not work the client disconnects or closes
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