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  1. (description from source) DOWNLOAD LINK: [Hidden Content] NOT TESTED !!!
  2. [Hidden Content] You can kiss any player you want without permission. Special thx for VegaS All the best, Stefan
  3. Hello, This system help you to change account password at every 60s(random value, can change) and password appear to you only from phone! You need Android Studio to compile. For the moment, it's imposible for me to test that system and tell you if work or not, because i'm not in town for a while. DEMO: [media] [/media] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] Best Regards, Stefan
  4. [Hidden Content] Src : Kori-Dev hi
  5. hello all of there i have some problems .. i think a big part of this problem it is from my OS(7 64b) somebody? [Hidden Content] thx all
  6. #PythonApplicationProcedure.cpp //Search this function: void CPythonApplication::__MinimizeFullScreenWindow(HWND hWnd, DWORD dwWidth, DWORD dwHeight) { ChangeDisplaySettings(0, 0); SetWindowPos(hWnd, 0, 0, 0, dwWidth, dwHeight, SWP_SHOWWINDOW); ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_MINIMIZE); } //Add after: void CPythonApplication::__ResetCameraWhenMinimize() { CCameraManager& rkCmrMgr=CCameraManager::Instance(); CCamera* pkCmrCur=rkCmrMgr.GetCurrentCamera(); if (pkCmrCur) { pkCmrCur->EndDrag(); } SetCursorNum(NORMAL); if ( CURSOR_MODE_HARDWARE == GetCu
  7. [bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo] Download 1 : [Hidden Content] Download 2 : [Hidden Content] Have fun!
  8. Fix crash core: Open input_main.cpp and search: PCHARACTER m_pkChrTarget = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().Find(p->dwVID); Add under that function this: if (!ch || !m_pkChrTarget) return; Need looks like this: Download 1 : [Hidden Content] Download 2 : [Hidden Content] Good luck
  9. Hi, i saw on a friend that selling this system at 25 EUR. Here you have free at all. Installation: Source Server Move in src/game/ 1. Open input.h and search : extern void SendShout(const char * szText, BYTE bEmpire); Add after: #ifdef __CHAT_TYPE_SHOUT_TRADE__ extern void SendShoutTrade(const char * szText, BYTE bEmpire); #endif Search: void Shout(const char * c_pData); and add after: #ifdef __CHAT_TYPE_SHOUT_TRADE__ void ShoutTrade(const char * c_pData); #endif 2. Open input_main.cpp and search: if (pinf
  10. //1.) Search: void CPythonTextTail::RenderTextTailName(TTextTail * pTextTail) { [......] } //2.) Add after: #ifdef ENABLE_SHOW_LEADER_GUILD std::string CPythonTextTail::IsLeaderOnGuild(std::string * strConvertGuildName) { /************************************* * Date : 08.01.2017 * FileName : PythonTextTail.cpp * TitleName : IsLeaderOnGuild * Author : VegaS * Description : When you are leader on your guild will appear in front [leader]. You can and enable color on textLine when you are leader with ENABLE_SHOW_LEADER_GUILD_CO
  11. Hello Eyeless, Hmm, good question. It s royal2 files, doesn t a edit by me...idk what does skill178 on them but i searched all topics from many boards like metin2dev,just4metin and other for a tut but nothing.
  12. hello guys, look here pls. [Hidden Content] idk reason but i don t like how looks somebody? thank you
  13. – Name your current title is displayed in the first box. – The total amount of your current Yang is shown in Box 2. – Actual minutes played per character block 3. – Each title has a special color that can be set easily by modifying values in RGB or constInfo already using an active macromande with preset colors. – Description of both titles and duties change as demand from constInfo (visual) and to define the server’s. – In case there was no title attached to your character name guild and icon set default, and when a new title is attached will have an update SetPosition befo
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