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Patch 3.8.7

Maintenance 21.01.2023
Game version is now

What's next

  • We have listened to your wishes and will soon add permanent version of items available in Item-Shop Auto Pick-Up, Premium Pass, Atlas Ring, etc.
  • We know that most of you would like an item with which you can change your sword into a spear or dagger, will be possible at a future maintenance.


  • Added NEW Beginner Event.
    • New players have the opportunity to progress and advance at the same level and equipment as other players. If you complete missions and read the information provided by each mission, you will be able to obtain the Master Hunter accessories in the shortest possible time.
  • Added Comeback Event.
    • Everyone who did not connect in the last 10 days will reveive a Comeback Chest during the period the event is active.
  • Some speed features will remain until the end of the month.
  • Improved Game Options:
  • Rearranged the options because they were badly organised.
  • Improved the Graphic options.
  • Added the Weather(Rain, Light Rain, Storm) option.
  • Added the option to activate blood on the ground when somebody attacks your or when you attack somebody.
  • Added the option to change your sky.
  • Added an option to Show/Hide Quests letters. Preview

Fixes & Changes

  • Ares in single version now was adjusted to be defeated with minimum 450.000 damage.
  • Alastor in single version now was adjusted to be defeated with minimum 450.000 damage.
  • Fixed the description of Blacksmith Manual+ in PT.
  • Updated the description of Piece of Pass Ticket.
  • Updated the description of Pets and Mounts from the Stable Boy.
  • Updated the bonuses of the Newcomer weapon skins and hairstyle.
  • Updated the wiki pvp guide.
  • Fixed the final announcement error message when finishing dungeons.
  • Change the reborn tooltip into "Reset LVL" at the reset level button in the C window.
  • Replace at Free Battlepass Reward, Azrael Pass, Twisted Key, Nemere/Razador Pass with Dungeon Pass Chest.
  • Remove Solar Energy from Daily Chest(Hard).
  • Also, we apply all changes from Fame server, all details can be found here: 📑│patch-notes
  • Fixed an issue at the Search Shop in Romanian at the Weapon/Costume Boosters.
  • Fixed that you couldn't delete characters on Rise.
  • Staff members can now use premium auto messages without Premium item.
  • Captcha Check won't appear anymore in Worldboss map.
  • The quests letters are now displayed on the main screen.
  • Now you can put a new Skin Booster over the existing one on your skins.
  • Fixed Path of Heroes mission so it can be taken again after using Reborn.
  • Changed the final dungeon Bosses for Alastor & Shadow when you enter the dungeon single. There will be much easier bosses.
  • Added 5th & 6th channels for Rise.
  • Cleared Offlineshop Bought History logs.
  • Reset Achievements.



The Fame server has been merged with the Rise server, at the moment the game is stable and we invite you to Rodnia for the best graphics improvement in the game.


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