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Okay Cards Error

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Guest Ezrekith

Hi there!

Search for this in your ui.py

Please login or register to see this code.

And edit like this:

Please login or register to see this code.

This should work, atleast for me this change fixed my problem.

If you still have any issue please msg me and i can send you the whole system, maybe you missed something! :)

(And watch out for the tabs! Before the 'def 'you need only 1 tab, before the 'if' 2 tabs,' wnd' 3 tabs, 'return' 3 tabs, 'item.SelectItem,' 2 tabs, '(width' 2 tabs, 'wndmrg,' 2 tabs BUT if you have any if app.ENABLE_OKAY_CARD or smth you need +1 tab before anything so watch out! :D )

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thanks its really that indentation is a  trouble maker 
i cleared more than 100+ indents 
thanks now im able to run..
just i want to know how mobs drops those cards coz i tried its not dropping

and how players can receive chest? coz once they complete 400+ points in each round they get boxes like Golden okey box 
but what about those chest Golden chest ?

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