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  1. I learned to unpack these clients to close the topic
  2. Holty

    Unpacking customers

    I learn very quickly And as I wrote the majority and not everyone, I can not unpack the fox and type 4 methods yet but I will learn it too I do not have to prove anything to anyone because I never download a payment before I unpack a given customer and only when I have already unpacked it and I can confirm it
  3. Hello, I offer unpacking the majority of metin2 customers, the price is 50 euros per customer contact on pw
  4. @Tierri Lopes I have unwrapped this client someya but I can not unpack Glador
  5. Up Someya full unpack Glador no help me pls
  6. I want someone to help me unpack them all There are nice maps in them, dungeon costumes, mob models I want to use it on my server
  7. Please help in unpacking clients
  8. I think it will be useful to someone Link: [Hidden Content] Scan: [Hidden Content] Will anyone help me with this topic? [Hidden Content]
  9. I think it will be useful to someone Link : [Hidden Content] Scan : [Hidden Content] Will anyone help me with this topic? [Hidden Content]
  10. Please, help me unpack this customer?
  11. Hello friends Can anyone help me decipher this customer? Or give the keys to unpack? Link : [Hidden Content] Link client: [Hidden Content] Video: and Mertial Client Link: [Hidden Content] Scan: And new serwer Someya Link Client : [Hidden Content]
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