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Registration Terms

  1. Spamming replies to access hidden content is not allowed. Posts like "asdfsf" will result in ban. Quoting users without saying anything is considered spamming.
  2. Low Quality Threads are not allowed here. Your thread title and post should be as descriptive as possible.
  3. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited, especially to self like or rep yourself.
  4. Threads must be created in the correct subforum.
  5. Asking for likes or reputation is not allowed.
  6. Use Portuguese or English ONLY throughout the site, excluding private messages.
  7. Advertising other forums is not allowed.
  8. Duplicate threads or posts will be removed.
  9. Reposting from our forum onto other forums is not allowed.
  10. Negative reputation must be supplied with a reason.
  11. Begging for Free content will result in a ban.
  12. Avatars or Signatures with adult content will be removed
  13. Spam is not acceptable. Obvious unrelated posts are considered spam.


Please read the following protocol to be used in our board:



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