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[Free 90Eur] System


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– Name your current title is displayed in the first box.

– The total amount of your current Yang is shown in Box 2.

– Actual minutes played per character block 3.


– Each title has a special color that can be set easily by modifying values in RGB or constInfo

already using an active macromande with preset colors.

– Description of both titles and duties change as demand from constInfo (visual) and to define

the server’s.

– In case there was no title attached to your character name guild and icon set default, and when

a new title is attached will have an update SetPosition before the name character can change your

choice where you want to be attached to the title ‘Guild (beginning) or middle name and guild that video.

– You can add new grades on demand, there are currently only 16 that you can get in with the necessary

powers (yang level, minute) and the other three titles are obtained by itemshop store.

– The duties of the server needed to define changes in sites like sons

* Price magical potion (How many and how many jetoate dragon dragon coins to receive after purchase and also for checking coins).

* The required level of each title.

* Amount special yang.

* Demand minutes played.


Total 16 free titles are on the same server and more specifically:

– [Gypsy]

– [Friends for Life]

– [Romance]

– [beginner]

– [Professional Mathematician]


– [illuminati]

– [Ghost Rider]

– [Titanium]

– [Demon Magicians]

– [Charmer Pets]

– [Exchanger Fate]

– [Fashion Expert]

– [Retouches]

– [Category Supreme]

– [invincible Supreme]

– Each title requires some responsibilities for purchasing such sons

– Minimum level

– A minimum of yang

– A specific number of minutes played per character (check)

– You can deactivate free Titles easily without the need for any special tax.


In total there are 3 premium titles, they are:

– [Premium Title I]

– [Premium Title II]

– [Premium Title III]

– For Title I need: Yellow Potion x1 Enchanted

– For Title II of need: Pink Potion x1 Enchanted

– For Title III need: White Potion x1 Enchanted

* Special potion shop you find in the system that you can buy with coins dragon.

* When you change from one title to other award bonuses will automatically delete your oldest.

* Advances can be changed easily a server using define sites needed.


Shop with magic potion:

– You can buy without any time limit and you can buy many potions you want.

– The acquisition is done through the database by making checks your current account how many chips you have actual coins and

coin payment is made dragon bonus then you will get the same amount of chips.

– You can not buy potions without the required amount of coins dragon.

– If you have a minimal activity played 250 minutes per character can not buy potion.

– Potion are negotiable and can be sold to other players in the game without any problem.

– You can not buy more than a potion within 5 minutes, waiting for the deadline to be sure that a player does not buy many times

potion pressing the button multiple times yes, and to withdraw the coins in unknowingly cause.

Title transformation in objects:

– You can do this only if you own already one of the three premium titles.

– When you press the button conversion automatically these things will happen: * You will be given a check to verify that you have

a title attached in the 3 (I, II, II) and then checking begins on securities: * If is attached to the title (Premium Title I),

will be distributed back potion Enchanted Yellow and bonus that was applied to the activation now will be removed.


* Important:

– You can not remove the title premium than by this method, withdraw your title in a potion and then enable it again or

– You can do what you want with that potion.

– Other things that can be done on request:

– Added a new special effect only when each title premium is attached.

– Can put activation limit for each title either free or premium, for example if you have activated Beginner title at 20:00,

you can use different title and whether you have the necessary powers etc on these x24 hours (time).


Download :



It's last update from VegaS without bugs, free JUST FOR THIS BOARD , for Tierri Lopes and his friends. Sorry for my inactivity, i had some problems with pc.



All the best, Steffan95 :)

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