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[Pedido]Sistema Stattrack


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This system is from cs go basically:




Introduced in the Arms Deal update, StatTrak™ is an added component of weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and can be found when opening a Weapon Case. StatTrak™ guns have an orange LED display attached to the gun to track the amount of "confirmed kills" by the owner of the gun. StatTrak™ kniveshave the confirmed kills etched into the blade instead of using an LED counter. Confirmed kills exclude all bot kills, regardless of the bot's skill level.

In metin2 it counts the number of players killed and monster kills, and if possible, the boss kills, showing the kills that weapon or skin made on the game...

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self.AppendTextLine ( "StatTrack", 0xffCOLOR)

self.AppendTextLine ( "Monsters:% d"% player.GetItemMetinSocket (slotIndex, 1))

self.AppendTextLine ( "Jogadores:% d"% player.GetItemMetinSocket (slotIndex, 2))


if (pkKiller && pkKiller-> ISPC ()) {

if (LPITEM pWeaponCostume = pkKiller-> GetWear (COSTUME_WEAPON)) {

if (ISPC ())

pWeaponCostume-> SetSocket (2, pWeaponCostume-> GetSocket (2) +1);

else if (ISPC () && IsStone ()!)

pWeaponCostume-> SetSocket (1, pWeaponCostume-> GetSocket (1) +1);




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