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Remover Contas + Jogadores


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Abrir o navicat:


Selecionar as seguintes tabelas, clicar do lado direito e escolher "Truncate Table":

  • account.account
  • todas as existentes dentro da base de dados log
  • common.gmlist
  • player.affect
  • player.guild
  • player.guild_comment
  • player.guild_grade
  • player.guild_member
  • player.guild_war
  • player.guild_war_bet
  • player.guild_war_reservation
  • player.horse_name
  • player.item
  • player.item_award
  • player.marriage
  • player.messenger_list
  • player.player
  • player.player_deleted
  • player.player_index
  • player.quest
  • player.safebox
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