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Guest PhantomServices

Hello guys.


Here is what im selling and respective features:



Metin2 AntiCheat System

  • Anti Python Script
  • Anti command line injections
  • Folders checks (size, name and hash checks)
  • Multi-layered dll injection prevention (around 47 diferent methods used)
  • Thread injections prevention
  • Code injection prevention
  • Mouse macro preventions
  • Real time access protection (ring3 and ring0)
  • Real time heuristic scanners
  • Anti memory hacking with self-defense modules
  • Anti reverse/dump/unpack/breakpoint (around 143 methods used)
  • Anti sandbox/emulation tools
  • Anti packet sniffing and Man-In-The-Middle (packets are all encripted)
  • Special protections against popular hacks like Lalaker and M2bob.
  • Realy low impact on system performance (about +1.5% cpu usage and 15MB ram on a intel Celeron).


6Months plan:

  • 75€
  • Includes free updates and support.
  • Pre-compiled lib to add to your solution.


Lifetime plan:

  • 400€
  • Includes free updates and support
  • Full source code of the protection
  • You're granted authorization to resell the protection as if yours.



Metin2 systems - prices depend on the system



Reselling is immoral.





GameLauncher - Your Design, Your Identity

  • GameLauncher fully adapted to your preference.
  • You can use your own design (.psd) and i will code it, or you can say what you want and i make the design (+30€ fee if i make the design)
  • Incorpored client configurator.
  • Multi-language and multi-server options available.
  • Everything made on c++ for optimal performance.

Price: 50€



Website design and coding:

  • Made using newest php7 standards for performance.
  • Pre-prepared statements to nulify sql injetions.
  • Multi-language system, good for international servers.
  • Friendly admin painel under constrution.
  • Affiliate system.
  • Integrated item shop with auto-payments.

Price: 250€




Serverfiles services

  • Creation of serverfiles and respective clients.
  • Every features working without bugs. If a bug is found i will refund the respective amount and fix it free of charge.


Price: 100€ base plus respective amount per system wanted (see available systems above). If you want custom system feel free to contact and i will create them.



I accept the following payments methods:




If you cant use any of the above contact me and we will find a solution.



My regards,


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Metin2 systems - prices depend on the system




  1. New Exchange Window
  2. Party Equal Mode
  3. 7&8 Skills
  4. Transfer Costume Bonuses
  5. Guilds Safebox
  6. War between kingdoms
  7. Archer’s Quiver
  8. Enchant Item-
  9. Shop Names by Range
  10. Skills over P
  11. Special Regen
  12. Enchant & Transform Costumes
  13. Change CH In-Game
  14. Swap Items
  15. Special Effects
  16. Costume Weapons
  17. Shoulder Sash
  18. Magic Penetrating Bonus
  19. Target with HP Bar and Decimal
  20. Block Players
  21. Transmutation
  22. Mounts with Slot
  23. Dungeon (The Arboreal Menace)
  24. Enchant Item+
  25. Character Selection
  26. Titles
  27. New Items with Effect
  28. Soul Bind & Unbind
  29. Empire Selection
  30. Character Creation
  31. Offline Shop
  32. New pet system
  33. Inventory sort system
  34. Offline whispers
  35. In-game video recorder





Almost all this systems are posted in this forum... And I believe none of them is yours...

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