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Serverfiles Metin2Roya


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Boas pessoal


Venho aqui partilhar as serverfiles do metin2roya...


Download: https://meocloud.pt/link_auth/c28b98dd-9653-4ab0-8121-b8f31586c24f/Server%20Files%20Metin2Roya.rar/


Conteúdo do download:




Informações sobre as serverfiles retiradas do tópico de venda das files:



Today I bring you my files Metin2Roya Sale "


New systems and upgrades




Fix + Protection

Anti SafeZone:

Wait Anti Hack:

Anti Ghostmode:

Anti Wallhack:

Long Anti name generator:

Anti Mining Bot:

Fishing without water fix

Anti Colorful Shop

anti Drophack

Fish Anti Bot

Anti Guild Maker (low level)

Activate Anti Teleport Hack

Stun & Anti Anti Anti GM Visual Effect

New Protection: M2BOB

[NEW] 5. Race. Open / Close 100% functional desbug.

[NEW] the number of slots trade increased. (24)

[NEW] increased number of slots in the warehouse. (80)

[NEW] system "official New" full.

[NEW] Order Inventory System.

[NEW] MD System Inventory.

[NEW] ShopOffline System.

[NEW] System Stoles !.

[NEW] View System Equipment + Costume.

[NEW] Trading System maps.

[NEW] Coordinate System.

[NEW] Wandet System Putos For missions.

[NEW] Bonus System Change in Costume.

[NEW] Ingame Ranking System.

[NEW] Armor Betas.

[NEW] New Mobs and Maps Beta.

[NEW] New Dungeon Beta 2.

[NEW] Hiervologia System.

[NEW] System Slot Blocked.

[NEW] the number of slots is increased by the NPC.

[NEW] The number of inventory slots is 5.

[NEW] Most yang is. Yang 999,999,999 (not bugea).

[NEW] get a total. 2125000000 Yang in the bank (inventory, down from yang 2nd box).

[NEW] Fixed lag drops because of the skills of the Wolfman.

[NEW] Ninja Warrior and 6 skill, and their books. (Fall into drop).

[NEW] No need to mask emotion.

[NEW] You can use the value out without being spent.

[NEW] No expires Game.

[NEW] You can edit the drop exp, drop & yang from 200% to a total of 1,000%

[NEW] trade only takes away the 3% tax.

[NEW] effects Green Pot Pot and purple.

[NEW] Now guilds can have up to 112 people.

[NEW] groups or "Partys" have increased, now you can go to lvl 14 people.

[NEW] Buff Fix Paty.

[NEW] Map_allow ports have been improved.

[NEW] When dropping take 1-2 minutes to go, but to throw an object disappear within 5 seconds.

[NEW] The exp, is distributed to climb good level.

[NEW] Alchemy Dragon working 100%.

[NEW] Power System 100%.

[NEW] Costumes 100%.

[NEW] belt system 90%.

[NEW] Now there Stamps MD 50, 500 & 1000.

[NEW] can you trade costumes, delete etc.

[NEW] more current Proto.

[NEW] The latest attr.

[NEW] Trailer to start the client.

[NEW] Red Dragon Castle stable operation.

[NEW] Torre Nemere stable.

[NEW] Torre stable operating demons.

[NEW] Cemetery stable demon. (Not that forgiveness is concerned.)

[NEW] Player_index updated.

[NEW] Locale.lu updated.

[NEW] Questlib.lu. updated.

[NEW] Skill_power.txt updated.

[NEW] Skill_proto updated.

[NEW] Item_att updated.

[NEW] Locale_string.txt updated.

[NEW] added 5 race in the selection of man.

[NEW] Guerrero and Ninja (Mind / Body, bow / dagger), 6 skill corrected without bugs or failures).

[NEW] Slots increased. (Inventory, trade, etc.)

[NEW] bar on the right to access the dopador and more things).

[NEW] F5 information items.

[NEW] F6 key to change the team speed is added. 4 changers equipment.

[NEW] Fixed the teleport unable to open inventory, now in 5 seconds you will again open.

[NEW] NPC number of slots has increased. (80)

[NEW] change was added Ch.

[NEW] Watch below the minimap 100% functional, INDICATING THE TIME OF YOUR COUNTRY NOT THE SERVER.

[NEW] Logo GM in MP

[NEW] Add friends from MP

[NEW] Send whisper chat.

[NEW] Added "quick exit" from the options.

[NEW] Chat With multi kingdoms "MP" integrated.


[bUG] warning message when you connect to the server has been fixed.

[bUG] More drops, more yang have been corrected.

[bUG] customer Fog arranged.

[bUG] Fixed problem in dogs Chunjo.

[ERROR] some items that can not be removed or put corrected.

[bUG] Fixed problem of up to 105 (upgradeable level)

[bUG] Fixed changer bonus.

[bUG] HP fixed, fixed.

[bUG] Fixed the npc to bands did not get 0 yang

[bUG] By having a full inventory has been solved, the object with your name dropeará. (Before he fell and I could carry).

[bUG] Skills arranged, suitably adjusted to each character.

[bUG] Guild Wars / corrected realms, when you close now to start the event they can not be joined.

[bUG] No or the server shuts itself off.

[bUG] problem solved stones.

[bUG] problem reading books arranged.

[bUG] The costumes repaired, you can now put 6-7 bonus smoothly.

[bUG] Fixed problems that occurred with the belt system.

[ERROR] internal IP problem solved.

[bUG] trick PM Flood has been removed.

[bUG] invisibility problem has been corrected.

[bUG] Alchemy Problem solved.

[bUG] Unable to attack from the monura arranged.

There are all fixeado bug but I'm improving it every day!








Password Download: m2dev.net

Password de alguns rar: benjamin



Espero que seja útil



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