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[Bug] With High Defense


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Hello guys,


As title says i got another bug which is when a player is having say 650 ac or Defense he get low damage from monsters.. say orc valley he gets 50 damage from each black orc ..but when his ac(defense) is 1000+ he gets 800 damage from same black orc...

what is the problem..

it happens in all maps all mobs.. when defense is more than 1000+ it happens damage from monster is high....

any solution ??

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The more defense you have, the higher the chance you get hit by perfuration attacks.


That high damage hit (800) its a perfurated attack.


oh what is that perfurated attack and how to avoid it ?

when defense is say 10000 you get 10000 attack even from bears or wild dogs when you even level 150

thats the problem.. how to reduce it ?

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