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  • 2 weeks later...


the maintenance is over, the server is back online.

• Price reduction of the Gaya Lolli
• Changed the price of the permanent High Ores
• Increased the Price of the following Dungeon Entrys:
- Spider Baroness
- Nemere
- Razador
• Slightly increased the droprate of the Heart of the Spider Baroness
• Slightly increased the droprate of the Pearl Fragments at the Lv. 65 and Lv. 70 Metin
• Slightly increased the succesrate of the key stone in the Beran-Setaou Dungeon

• Fixed a bug with the Scroll of Correction
• Fixed a bug that caused clicking through the channel switcher
• Fixed a bug where you could not hit Razador
• Fixed a bug that caused the monsters to not spawn in Razador
• Fixed the Chest Yang Preview

Event announcement:
You will drop moonlight treasure chests from monsters on the following days:

• 15.10. 18:00 CEST to 21:00 CEST
• 16.10. 18:00 CEST to 21:00 CEST

We will also activate 10% Metin Rates on the 16.10. from 16:00 CEST to 18:00 CEST

kind regards,
your Antares team

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