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Load Monster Area Info - Error

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Ir até ao ficheiro GameLib/MapOutdoorLoad.cpp


Procurar pela função:


bool CMapOutdoor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo()


Substitui-la por:


bool CMapOutdoor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo()


RemoveAllMonsterAreaInfo(); // Remove All Monster Info


char szFileName[256];

_snprintf(szFileName, sizeof(szFileName), "%s\\monsterareainfo.txt", GetMapDataDirectory().c_str());


LPCVOID pModelData;

CMappedFile File;


if (!CEterPackManager::Instance().Get(File, szFileName, &pModelData)) return false;


CMemoryTextFileLoader textFileLoader;

CTokenVector stTokenVector;


textFileLoader.Bind(File.Size(), pModelData);


for (DWORD i = 0; i < textFileLoader.GetLineCount(); ++i)


if (!textFileLoader.SplitLine(i, &stTokenVector))





// Start to read MonsterAreaInfo.txt

if (0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("m") || 0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("g"))


if (stTokenVector.size() < 11)


TraceError("CMapOutdoorAccessor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo Get MonsterInfo File Format ERROR! continue....");




CMonsterAreaInfo::EMonsterAreaInfoType eMonsterAreaInfoType;

if (0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("m"))


eMonsterAreaInfoType = CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_MONSTER;


else if (0 == stTokenVector[0].compare("g"))


eMonsterAreaInfoType = CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_GROUP;




TraceError("CMapOutdoorAccessor::LoadMonsterAreaInfo Get MonsterInfo Data ERROR! continue....");




const std::string & c_rstrOriginX = stTokenVector[1].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrOriginY = stTokenVector[2].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrSizeX = stTokenVector[3].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrSizeY = stTokenVector[4].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrZ = stTokenVector[5].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrDir = stTokenVector[6].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrTime = stTokenVector[7].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrPercent = stTokenVector[8].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrCount = stTokenVector[9].c_str();

const std::string & c_rstrVID = stTokenVector[10].c_str();


long lOriginX, lOriginY, lSizeX, lSizeY, lZ, lTime, lPercent;

CMonsterAreaInfo::EMonsterDir eMonsterDir;

DWORD dwMonsterCount;

DWORD dwMonsterVID;


lOriginX = atol(c_rstrOriginX.c_str());

lOriginY = atol(c_rstrOriginY.c_str());

lSizeX = atol(c_rstrSizeX.c_str());

lSizeY = atol(c_rstrSizeY.c_str());

lZ = atol(c_rstrZ.c_str());

eMonsterDir = (CMonsterAreaInfo::EMonsterDir) atoi(c_rstrDir.c_str());

lTime = atol(c_rstrTime.c_str());

lPercent = atol(c_rstrPercent.c_str());

dwMonsterCount = (DWORD) atoi(c_rstrCount.c_str());

dwMonsterVID = (DWORD) atoi(c_rstrVID.c_str());


CMonsterAreaInfo * pMonsterAreaInfo = AddMonsterAreaInfo(lOriginX, lOriginY, lSizeX, lSizeY);


if (CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_MONSTER == eMonsterAreaInfoType)


else if (CMonsterAreaInfo::MONSTERAREAINFOTYPE_GROUP == eMonsterAreaInfoType)







return true;



By Ken

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