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Dear Community,

I would like to start by introducing myself. I have been in the Metin2 scene under this nickname for quite a long time now. In the early days, I have started a project of mine where the goal was to rebuild Metin2 but that ended quite quickly due to low interest from others. Then I moved on and opened my very first private server which gave me a lot of insight and valuable experience on private servers in general. Server, under the name of WarRage2, received mostly positive critiques so I decided I would not abandon this project but instead improve what caused it to disappear in the private server competition. Here I am today, with a polished project and dare to say, with the potential to become one of the best. But one of the reasons I failed at my 1st try is lack of team members and it taught me quite well how important those are.

Therefore I am seeking competent individuals who would like to be part of a new journey. More specifically we are looking for people in the fields of promotion, community management, in-game support & 2d art. The only restriction we have is being able to write and speak fluent English language. Inside the team, we like to maintain a professional and fun atmosphere. As of now, there are two of us, both in charge of developing and designing the game. 

If you are interested, please add me to my Discord(sonitexo#1880) where we will discuss this in detail.

Kind Regards,

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