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local variable 'board' referenced before assignment


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Hi I have installed shop decoration on Ken Offline Shop System.

Shop Decoration System works but I get syserror on client.I tried some solutions but it didnt work

The error is given below.I need help Plz.I have attached my game.py and interfacemodule.py

0805 19:39:04977 ::   File "game.py", line 2359, in BINARY_OfflineShop_Appear

0805 19:39:04977 ::   File "interfaceModule.py", line 1530, in AppearOfflineShop

0805 19:39:04977 :: UnboundLocalError
0805 19:39:04977 :: :
0805 19:39:04977 :: local variable 'board' referenced before assignment
0805 19:39:04977 ::


game.py interfacemodule.py

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