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[Bugfix]Dungeon music


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Hey community!

When you specify which music you want to play in your dungeon map at settings.lua, it is always getting replaced with previous map's one(From which you were teleported to). This is happening because each dungeon has it's own unique map index and game cannot locate it from settings.

Here is a simple fix to get original index of that map, it should work as long as you do not have like 3500 dungeon instances of same type, which isn't possible with current Metin2 player count I believe.

In char.cpp search for:

void CHARACTER::MainCharacterPacket()

Replace this variable with the following:

const unsigned mapIndex = GetMapIndex();

const unsigned mapIndex = GetMapIndex() < 10000 ? GetMapIndex() : GetMapIndex() / 10000;



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33 minutes ago, Tierri Lopes said:

Thank you, never noticed it

Same till I started creating my own dungeons. YMIR used tricks to avoid this issue like using the same music in their dungeon as in the map from where you got teleported(Valkus-Blazing Purgatory) or starting the dungeon from the dungeon itself if that makes sense(Devil Tower/Devil's Catacomb).

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