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1002 20:34:00671 :: ui:2815: RuntimeWarning: tp_compare didn't return -1 or -2 for exception

1002 20:34:00673 ::
introLogin.py(line:511) __LoadScript
ui.py(line:2808) LoadScriptFile
ui.py(line:2998) LoadChildren
ui.py(line:2998) LoadChildren
ui.py(line:2815) LoadChildren

LoginWindow.__LoadScript.LoadObject - <type 'exceptions.OverflowError'>:Python int too large to convert to C long

1002 20:34:00673 :: ============================================================================================================
1002 20:34:00673 :: Abort!!!!


ERRO após executar binário novaline, sem modificação.

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Problema Resolvido, obrigado.

23 hours ago, xkillmt2 said:

Vá em Client->ScriptLib->PythonUtils.cpp e pesquise por:


#include "PythonUtils.h"


Adicione abaixo:


// Python int too large to convert to C long
#define PyLong_AsLong PyLong_AsLongLong
#define PyLong_AsUnsignedLong PyLong_AsUnsignedLongLong


obrigado. Resolveu o Problema

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