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[Guide] File Upload Protocol

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Protocol to share files on board.

All files must be compressed using 7-zip (Download it here:  Please login or register to see this link.   or here:  Please login or register to see this link. )


To compress files/folder, right-click on them.

From the context menu choose 7-zip --> Add to archive....

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Use the following settings to configure the 7z file to the max compression:

  • Archive format: 7z
  • Compression level: Ultra
  • Compression method: LZMA2
  • Dictionary size: 32MB if you have 4GB ram // 128MB if you have 8GB ram // 256MB if you have 16GB ram.  Adjust this according to your pc ram, make sure the value bellow of "Memory usage for compression" is just bellow your maximum ram.
  • Word size: 273 (or the max that is shown)
  • Solid block size: Solid
  • Number of CPU threads: Maximum available to you
  • Check "Encrypt file names"
  • Encryption method: AES-256
  • Use the following password for encryption: tlthings.net
  • Update mode: Add or replace files
  • Path mode: Relative pathnames
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