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Barras Yang


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Quest que decidi fazer quando a original do metin podia ser abusada.

quest barras_yang begin	state start begin		-- barra 1kkk		when 80007.use with pc.get_gold()>=1000000000 begin			syschat("Tens demasiado yang.")		end				when 80007.use with pc.get_gold()<=1000000000 begin			item.remove(80007,1)			syschat("Recebeste 1kkk")			pc.change_gold(1000000000)		end		-- barra 500kk		when 80006.use with pc.get_gold()>=1500000000 begin			syschat("Tens demasiado yang.")		end				when 80006.use with pc.get_gold()<=1500000000 begin			item.remove(80006,1)			syschat("Recebeste 500kk")			pc.change_gold(500000000)		end		--barra 250kk		when 80005.use with pc.get_gold()>=1750000000 begin			syschat("Tens demasiado yang.")		end				when 80005.use with pc.get_gold()<=1750000000 begin			item.remove(80005,1)			syschat("Recebeste 250kk")			pc.change_gold(250000000)		end		--barra 100kk		when 80004.use with pc.get_gold()>=1900000000 begin			syschat("Tens demasiado yang.")		end				when 80004.use with pc.get_gold()<=1900000000 begin			item.remove(80004,1)			syschat("Recebeste 100kk")			pc.change_gold(100000000)		end			endend


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