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Items exchange


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Serve para trocar item A por item B.

quest trade_items begin
		state start begin
			when 20008.click begin --NPC vnum, trigerred when click
			say("What items you wanna trade?")
			local item_trocas = {
				--{"Quest option", Item to give to npc, Quantity, Item to receive from npc, Quantity},
				{"Reinforce item", 71085, 200, 71084, 20},
				{"Piece of Stone", 27990, 200, 27993, 1},
				--Add values here, with same structure as above
			local escolha = {}
			for num1,str1 in ipairs(item_trocas) do
				table.insert(escolha, str1[1])
			local item_select = select_table(escolha, " Close ")
			local num_item = pc.count_item(item_trocas[item_select][2])
			if item_select == table.getn(escolha) then return end
				say("Do you want to trade ".. item_trocas[item_select][1] .." x" .. item_trocas[item_select][3] .. " and receive "..item_name(item_trocas[item_select][4]).." x" .. item_trocas[item_select][5] .." ?")
				if select("Yes","No") == 2 then return end
					if num_item < item_trocas[item_select][3] then syschat("You dont have enough materials for the exchange.") return end
						pc.give_item2(item_trocas[item_select][4], item_trocas[item_select][5])


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