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NPC ou Mob


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basta corrigir o Race em  GameLib->RaceManager.cpp ou criar uma função...


bool __IsNewNPCRace(unsigned race)
    if (race >= 30301 && race <= 30306)
        return true;
	    if (race >= 60000 && race <= 60003)
        return true;
	    return false;


else if (__IsNewNPCRace(race))
        vec_stPathes.push_back("d:/ymir work/npc/");
        vec_stPathes.push_back("d:/ymir work/npc2/");
        vec_stPathes.push_back("d:/ymir work/monster/");
        vec_stPathes.push_back("d:/ymir work/monster2/");
        vec_stPathes.push_back("d:/ymir work/guild/");

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