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[Python]Did you know?? Into your intro loading!

Guest Ezrekith

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Guest Ezrekith

Hi folks!

Lets make a Did you know line into your introloading! Because its funny.
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Tudtad-e? = Did you know?

A (K) Gomb lenyomásával használhatod a Bátorság köpenyedet amely végleges! = If you press the (K) Button you can use the Bravery without limit!)


So lets start the tutorial...

Open your IntroLoading.py

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Alright, we are done with the introloading.py

Now open your LoadingWindow.py in locale or uiscript whatever you use...

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We are done.

Due to my own client i didnt made the right position so you might have to play a little bit with it!

I included a rar which contains a black image... (Future ymir update XD)


Good luck with it!


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