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[C++] Binary Splash Screen


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Go to EterLib/MSWindow.cpp


#include "MsWindow.h"


#include "../EterLib/Splash.h"



bool CMSWindow::Create (const char *c_szName, int brush, DWORD cs, DWORD ws, HICON hIcon, int iCursorResource)


	CSplash splash1(TEXT("Protect.bmp"), RGB(128, 128, 128)); //Relative path to binary of the file, this case Protect.bmp
	Sleep(3000); //Time in miliseconds to show splash image
//end splash


Download files in attachment.

Put files in your EterLib folder (where MSWindow.cpp is located)

At Visual Studio:

  • Right-click EterLib project
  • Choose Add --> Add existing item
  • Select Splash.cpp and Splash.h and click Add

Recompile client binary and put your Protect.bmp in the relative location defined above


Class by: VertexBrasil



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3 hours ago, Shabba said:

@Tierri Lopes is it possible to build the image into the binary? :D 


Because some "high skilled hackers" will edit the image for themself :D

My original idea for this didnt work out, so i will look at msdn because i saw it there about using the file directly from the resources

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