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Cliente Metin2_PT_2010


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Cliente  Metin2_PT_2010 sem updates 


Name: Metin2_PT_20100507.exe
Size: 628835271 bytes (599 MB)

CRC32: F3912F19

CRC64: 7B0F220CB2AE2775

SHA256: 74E3475A5094BFA69A5C351B28F6A64878C6BACA5E57DCF686627B791A0812ED

SHA1: 477E99C3BBA72FC250055BB5D08F8B8735CD394B

BLAKE2sp: D253EB27FD930EB87DC8BF33412316D532DDBBF0EE9135BE795854EDE99658CD



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