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  1. alexrasing

    Cliente/Server Source by Marty Sama

    link Not work (client)
  2. alexrasing

    Service - Valking

    Hello m2dev community... I will submit my work on this site:Click me Contact me: live:3784686f71d87f7d (Skype)
  3. alexrasing

    new_pet_system like offcial

    Hello m2dev community... So i am selling the official pet system full like official This is a video about it : you'll get all the info about the system when contacting me even thought everything is in the video above. Contact me: live:3784686f71d87f7d (Skype) 50$ Already sold the system twice ... Good luck
  4. alexrasing

    Problemas com System GAYA

    Hm , did you creat folder "Gaya" in usr/game/share/locale/xx ??
  5. alexrasing

    Problemas com System GAYA

    this is warning not error
  6. Hello! I have installed the Combat zone system. But I drew some problems in the system 1- crush channel Video 2- Not showing up ُEffect 1 - 2 - 3 Help me please 0521 00:13:08399 :: CRaceManager::GetRaceDataPointer: cannot load data by dwRaceIndex 16777216

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